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Cocoa Cinnamon Soft Pretzels

Cocoa Cinnamon Soft Pretzels

Calories: 161 WW Freestyle Points: 4

Ok, what do I say here? This is probably my all time favorite recipe on this site. Just give it a try. They are easy to make and out-of-the-park delicious.


Recipe makes 4 pretzels. 161 Calories | 4 WW Freestyle Points each.


Notes for this recipe: 1. The cocoa cinnamon sugar mixture makes more than needed to cover 4 pretzels (a little more than double) but I was trying to avoid fractional measurements. You can store the leftover cocoa cinnamon sugar in a zip lock bag and sprinkle on oatmeal or baked apples. 2. Fage brand greek yogurt recommended because it is considerably thicker than any other greek yogurt I have used. It makes a better dough overall. 3. You can make the dough in advance and store it in the refrigerator overnight

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