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Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels

Calories: 138 WW Freestyle Points: 3

You can skip the boiling part on these pretzels, but they will taste more like pizza dough than pretzels. The baking soda is what gives these awesome treats a very "pretzely" flavor. Recipe makes 4 pretzels. 138 calories, or 4 WW Freestyle points each.


Nutrition information sodium does not include the salt sprinkled on the outside of the pretzel.


OPTIONAL NOTE/TIP for this recipe: after you mix the dough, if you wrap it in saran wrap and let it rest for 30-40 minutes it gives the dough strength and elasticity. If you add this optional step in, just wait to preheat the oven and boil the water until you are ready to roll the pretzels out.

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