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Bread & Dough

  • Cocoa Cinnamon Soft Pretzels

    Cocoa Cinnamon Soft Pretzels

    Calories: 161 WW Freestyle Points: 4

    Ok, what do I say here? This is probably my all time favorite recipe on this site. Just give it a try. They are easy to make and out-of-the-park delicious.


    Recipe makes 4 pretzels. 161 Calories | 4 WW Freestyle Points each.


    Notes for this recipe: 1. The cocoa cinnamon sugar mixture makes more than needed to cover 4 pretzels (a little more than double) but I was trying to avoid fractional measurements. You can store the leftover cocoa cinnamon sugar in a zip lock bag and sprinkle on oatmeal or baked apples. 2. Fage brand greek yogurt recommended because it is considerably thicker than any other greek yogurt I have used. It makes a better dough overall. 3. You can make the dough in advance and store it in the refrigerator overnight

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  • 2 Ingredient Dough - Pizza

    2 Ingredient Dough - Pizza

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 6

    This is a quick and easy pizza dough. Recipe makes dough for 2 small personal size pizzas. Dough/crust is 6 WW Freestyle Points per serving (or 13 points for the entire batch of dough).


    Recipe and directions for home-made marinara sauce, can be found here.


    Toppings in the photo here include marinara sauce, cherry tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese.

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  • Breadsticks


    Calories: 92 WW Freestyle Points: 2

    I love these breadsticks to dip in soup and gravy. Recipe makes 6 breadsticks. Watch video for demonstration on twisting these. You can purchase a dough cutter on Amazon, similar to what I'm using in the video by clicking this link: Dough Cutter (commission earned).

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  • Pumpkin Bread

    Pumpkin Bread

    Calories: 115 WW Freestyle Points: 3

    This pumpkin bread makes a very festive and delicious fall breakfast or snack. It's moist, soft, slightly sweet and easy to make.


    Recipe makes 1 loaf (12 slices). 115 Calories | 3 WW Freestyle Points per slice.


    Notes: when measuring flour, don't scoop or dunk the measuring cup into the bag. You will get an over-measure of flour that way which will result in a higher amount of calories, and the loaf may come out a drier than expected. Instead, lightly spoon the flour into the measuring cup. Level off the top of the measuring cup using the back of a knife.

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  • Bananas in a Blanket

    Bananas in a Blanket

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 1

    A new family favorite in my house. When the bananas are baked, they become creamy and sweet like a pastry filling. Essentially, you just wrap 2 ingredient dough strips around a banana - and bake. 


    Recipe makes 6 Bananas in a Blanket. Just 1 WW Freestyle Points each!

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  • Bagel Wreath

    Bagel Wreath

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 2 - 5

    Great for parties, brunches and holiday get togethers. The dip shown in the photo here is just a few over-easy eggs mashed up. So zero points for the dip!


    For best results, I recommend that you watch the video tutorial I have for regular 2 ingredient dough bagels (if you haven't watched it already). You can find the recipe and video here.


    Recipe makes 1 wreath. 1 / 6th of the ring is 5 WW Freestyle Points - OR 1 / 12th of the ring is 2 Points.

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  • Rye Bread

    Rye Bread

    Calories: 78 WW Freestyle Points: 2

    This is a simple recipe you can make on the weekend to enjoy all week long. You will need a dutch oven for this loaf. I use a relatively inexpensive cast iron dutch oven (5 quart) that you can probably find at Target. Otherwise Amazon has it for about $40 - Lodge 5 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven (commission earned). I use this dutch oven only for bread. I've had it for a number of years, and it makes an incredible loaf.


    The total prep/cook time with rest is about 3 hours. To calculate the Points and calories, I took the total value for the entire recipe, then divided by 20. If you get 20 equally sized slices, each slice is 2 Points. But your slices will likely be uneven in size since this is a round loaf. I give it my very best guess and move on. 


    To cut the loaf, use a bread knife if possible. Slice it directly down the center. Place each half, crumb side down (crust facing up). Slice each half of the loaf into 10 slices - as evenly sized as you can.


    If you freeze the loaf, be sure to slice it first so it's easy to grab one slice at a time (you won't be able to cut the loaf unless it's defrosted). Store it in a ziplock bag, then toast each slice when you're ready to eat it.


    Recipe makes 1 loaf / 20 slices.

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  • Apple Pie Stuffed Bagels

    Apple Pie Stuffed Bagels

    Calories: 198 WW Freestyle Points: 4

    This is my favorite recipe on this site. These stuffed bagels are so delicious! Noone would guess they are only 4 sp. If this is your first time making bagels, you may want to start with the regular bagel recipe first, just to get a feel for it. Here is a link to the regular bagel recipe with a video tutorial.


    To store these, you can freeze them in a ziplock bag once they are completely cool. When you are ready to eat them, wrap them in foil and heat them in the toaster oven for about 10 minutes. Microwave not recommended.


    You can find and purchase a Dough Scraper here (commission earned).


    Recipe makes 4 bagels. 4 WW Freestyle Points each.

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  • 2 Ingredient Dough Bagels

    2 Ingredient Dough Bagels

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 3 per bagel

    Just some of my methods and techniques for bagels and dough. I included a more in-depth video that goes through different flours, measuring flour, the type of yogurt used, and how to best store these.


    This recipe makes 10 bagels. 3 Freestyle Points per bagel.


    I also recommend buying a Dough Cutter (commission earned). It's good for dividing the dough, scraping flour and goo off the counter, and lifting dough from the work surface onto the baking sheet.

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  • 2 Ingredient Dough Pita Pockets

    2 Ingredient Dough Pita Pockets

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 2 each

    The trick to getting these puffy and hollow is the rest time. After you mix the dough ingredients, let it rest for 2 hours. The dough will NOT rise. But it will change! It will become more stretchy, elastic and resistant. You should get some spring-back when you roll it. 


    Watch the video to see how the dough should look. I'm using slightly less yogurt in this recipe (not a full cup). You will need to get 6 thin flat circles to keep them 2 points each. You may have to re-roll the scraps for the last circle. You can find and purchase the 5" Pastry Cutter > I used here (commission earned). 

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  • Spinach & Ricotta Pinwheels

    Spinach & Ricotta Pinwheels

    Calories: 247 WW Freestyle Points: 3 each (or 7 points for 2 of them)

    These soft and cheezy pinwheels are delicious when dipped in Marinara sauce. They are so good, you could easily serve them at a party and no one would know they are "diet-friendly". The video shows a quick demonstration on assembling these. Recipe makes 10 pinwheels. 3 points each (or 7 points for two of them).


    Here is the recipe for zero point Marinara Sauce.

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  • Soft Pretzels

    Soft Pretzels

    Calories: 138 WW Freestyle Points: 3

    You can skip the boiling part on these pretzels, but they will taste more like pizza dough than pretzels. The baking soda is what gives these awesome treats a very "pretzely" flavor. Recipe makes 4 pretzels. 138 calories, or 3 WW Freestyle points each.


    Nutrition information sodium does not include the pretzel salt sprinkled on the outside of the pretzel.


    OPTIONAL NOTE/TIP for this recipe: after you mix the dough, if you wrap it in saran wrap and let it rest for 30-40 minutes it gives the dough strength and elasticity. If you add this optional step in, just wait to preheat the oven and boil the water until you are ready to roll the pretzels out.

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  • Mini Pita Pockets

    Mini Pita Pockets

    Calories: 32 WW Freestyle Points: 1 each

    These are just a smaller version of the Hollow Bread Pockets recipe I had posted (but less calories and points). You can stuff them with anything. 


    I'm using slightly less yogurt in this recipe (not a full cup). The trick to getting them puffy and hollow is letting the dough rest for 1.5 - 2 hours before rolling it out and baking them. The dough doesn't rise while its resting because it's self-rising flour (as opposed to traditional yeast), but it becomes more stretchy and elastic. Then, you just have to roll it, and cut them with a pastry cutter. That's it. They will puff up in the oven.


    You will need to get 18 circles to keep them 1 point each. Re-roll the dough scraps for the last few. You can find and purchase a Pastry Cutter here (commission earned). Recipe makes 18 mini pitas. 1 point each, or 2 points for 3 of them. 32 calories each.

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  • Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

    Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 2 per slice

    Long before I made 2 ingredient dough, I made bread with traditional yeast or sour dough starter. This is a basic Whole Wheat Bread recipe using Active Dry yeast. I left out the honey to keep the calories and sugar lower.


    You will notice there are 2 cups of white bread flour used in this recipe. This is to help the loaf get a nice rise and taste good. It's possible to get a good rise with 100% whole wheat flour but its a few extra steps and it's not very tasty unless you add at least 1/2 cup of honey to it.


    Recipe makes 1 loaf (18 slices per loaf). 2 points per slice.


    I use King Arthur Bread Flour. 

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  • 2 Ingredient Dough Crescent Rolls

    2 Ingredient Dough Crescent Rolls

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 3 (per roll)

    These are not really "flaky" like a traditional croissant, but they are very soft and the cheese helps keep the dough layered during baking. I got some nice air pockets in these. I used light mozzarella for this batch, but you can use whatever cheese you want (adjust the nutritionals accordingly). Recipe makes 8 crescent rolls.


    If you're into 2 ingredient dough, you may want to buy a Dough Cutter (commission earned). It makes it really easy to cut the dough, scrape stuff off the counter and lift the dough from the work surface to the baking sheet.

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  • 2 Ingredient Baguettes

    2 Ingredient Baguettes

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 4
    These baguettes are good for sandwiches and subs. The crust is softer than a real baguette but they still taste good and make a good sandwich. Recipe makes 2 loaves. Serving size is 1/3 of each loaf.
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  • Stuffed Bagels

    Stuffed Bagels

    Calories: 406 WW Freestyle Points: 4

    I used scrambled eggs and light mozzarella in this batch, but if it's your first time making these, pre-cooked turkey bacon and shredded cheese is a little easier. Do not put too much stuffing in these, because the skin will likely break and make a big mess in the oven. Recipe makes 4 stuffed bagels.

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  • Mini Pizza

    Mini Pizza

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 2 each

    These mini pizzas are quick, easy and delicious. They make a great party appetizer or a fun dinner the kids will love. I used a 3 inch round cookie cutter to shape the crust. Shown here is shaved Parmesan and basil on some, and 1/2 oz of mozzarella on the others. You can find the recipe for zero point marinara sauce on the website, in the category "Sides, Sauces and Dressing" or just use the search bar at the top of the page. 2 points per pizza. Recipe makes 12 mini pies.

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  • Pretzel Buns

    Pretzel Buns

    Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 3

    I don't recommend skipping the boiling part on these pretzels, because they will taste more like pizza dough than soft pretzels. The baking soda is what gives these treats a very "soft pretzel" flavor. Instead of the traditional twist, I created a spiral before placing these in the water so I could use them as a sandwich bun, or as a snack (with some mustard to dip). This technique is also easier than the twist on a regular soft pretzel.

    I use a dough cutter to lift the spirals from the work surface. You can find a good Dough Cutter here (commission earned).

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  • Stuffed Bread Pockets

    Stuffed Bread Pockets

    Calories: 325 WW Freestyle Points: 6

    These stuffed pockets are just like a lightened-up calzone. Recipe makes 4 servings.

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