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  • Food Stickers

    Food Stickers


    Are you tired of other people in your house eating the ingredients and food you purchased or prepared especially for your "diet". I AM! Lol. 


    But I got these stickers and they really do the trick!! Nobody eats my food anymore.



    This is my very first custom product! You can purchase a set of 40 stickers for $4.89 through VeryMichelly!



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  • Getting Organized

    Getting Organized


    I love having a clean and fully stocked refrigerator. It makes staying on track so much easier. I have 3 kids, a full time job and this blog. I know how hard it is to make time for this kind of organization, and then maintain it. But it is possible.



    Non-fat greek yogurt (which I use in a lot of recipes, as well as for breakfast with some fruit or something)


    Laughing Cow Cheese wedges

    Shelled Edamame

    Unsweetened Applesauce

    Mandarin Oranges

    Tomatoes (although they are probably better left outside the fridge)



    Raw and hard-boiled eggs

    Lite Cool Whip



    Chopped Romaine Lettuce

    Corn on the Cob

    Skim Milk

    Almond Milk



    Black Cherry Seltzer

    Grapefruit Seltzer

    Lemon Seltzer

    Grilled Chicken



    Full-fat Crumbled Feta Cheese

    Canadian Bacon

    Turkey Bacon

    Shredded Cheese





    Snow Peas

    Sweet Peppers



    Arugula Lettuce

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  • Waffle Iron

    Waffle Iron


    I use my waffle iron at least once a week. I put everything in it (except waffle batter). Just kidding, I put waffle batter in there too. My husband cooked a steak in it once. I'm not kidding about that. Some of my recipes were cooked in this thing (a frittata, quesadillas, hash-browns and chicken - among other things I have yet to post). I get a lot of use out of it. You can find and purchase this Oster Waffle Iron > on Amazon for about $20 (commission earned).

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  • Best Sponge Ever

    Best Sponge Ever


    This sponge is the best for 3 reasons:


    1. It lasts 2 - 3 times as long as a regular sponge. Food washes off of it easily, it dries quick and doesn't get smelly. It's slightly more expensive than the regular 3-pack sponges you might get, but it's worth it.


    2. It doesn't scratch up my non-stick pans, so it actually extends the life of my cookware.


    3. It's got a great scrub and it's cute.


    You can find and buy the Srub Daddy Sponge here.

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  • Dough Cutter

    Dough Cutter


    My niece calls this thing "Aunt Michelle's 7 dollar tool". I teach them to bake and they see me use it a lot. This thing is a must if you make 2 ingredient dough a lot. See video for a quick demonstration. It divides dough sections easily, helps me lift the dough off the counter to get stuff on the baking pan in one piece, and scrapes a lot of crap off the counter top when I need to clean my mess.


    There's an even better one than the one I'm showing in the picture and video here. It's my sister-in-laws and its easier to hold and handle. You can find and purchase it here (commission earned).

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  • Mini Food Processor

    Mini Food Processor


    I like this food processor because it's small, easy to store and clean. And it does a great job blending my frozen sliced bananas. I don't like storing and spending too much on kitchen apparatus that I don't use every single day, so this one is compact in size and price. You can find and purchase the Oster Mini Food Processor here (commission earned).

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  • Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags

    Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags


    These paper sandwich bags make me feel like I got my breakfast from Panera Bread. They are great for packing up breakfast and lunch sandwiches on the go. You can find and purchase these Paper Snack & Sandwich Bags here (commission earned).

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  • Olive Oil Spray

    Olive Oil Spray


    Easy spray for air fryer meals, or baked chicken, roasted vegetables and such. This specific brand has a very nice misty spray to it, so it coats evenly. It also has a nice flavor. You can find and purchase this Olive Oil Spray here.

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  • Cutting Board Mats

    Cutting Board Mats


    I got these plastic cutting board mats at Target for $5. They are so much easier to store and grab than the regular bulky cutting boards. They are super light weight and easily fit in the sink and dishwasher without taking up a lot of space.

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