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Mini Ravioilis

Mini Ravioilis

Cheese ravioli are a surprisingly reasonable option in moderation. Brand shown here is Gina's Italian Village Mini Round Cheese Ravioli, (7 SmartPoints for 15 pieces). These were located in the frozen section of my local grocery store (Shoprite).


I've also seen the brand "Andrea Classic Ravioli, Bite Size Cheese" which are even smaller (4 SmartPoints for 10 pieces). 


I put these in soups, or have them with Marinara sauce, or sauteed vegetables. I don't know if your local grocery store will have this brand and size, but if you can scan or reference the nutrition label of any frozen cheese ravioli package, I bet you will find they are fairly low in points.

Serving Size: 15 mini raviolis Total Cook/Prep time: 15 minutes


About $4

Where to Buy

Frozen section of almost any grocery store.

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