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Soft-boiled Eggs

Calories: 72
Soft-boiled Eggs

My gram always made me soft-boiled eggs as a kid and I still love them.


I see many different suggestions on the internet about how to cook hard boiled eggs (or soft boiled) so the shells peel easily, without sticking to the egg. Such as:

Egg cooker

Instant pot method

Add baking soda to the water

among others.

I am sure all of these suggestions work. My method also works if you give it a try.

To keep the shells from sticking to the egg, I add the eggs to the water "after" the water comes to a boil (and not before). Then submerge the eggs in very cold water when they are done cooking.


Another tip: if you store soft or hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator, run them under hot water just before peeling them. The shells will peel of easily.


Recipe makes 3 soft-boiled eggs. 1 egg per serving.


WW SmartPoints and nutrition values are for eggs only. Excludes sausage and bread shown in the photo.

Yield/Servings: 3 Serving Size: 1 egg Total Cook/Prep time: 60 minutes


  • 3 eggs
  • water


Prepare a 1 or 2 quart pot of boiling water (enough water to cover the eggs by 1 inch)

Once the water comes to a boil, use a slotted spoon to gently place the eggs in the water

Let the eggs cook on a low boil for 5 minutes

After 5 minutes, use tongs to remove them from the water and place them into a bowl of very cold water. Allow them to cool in the cold water for 10 minutes before peeling.


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