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Soyaki Sauce

Calories: 40
Soyaki Sauce

This is one of the best teriyaki marinades I've ever bought from a store (also used as a sauce). It's 40 calories - or 2 WW SmartPoints per 1 tablespoon but a little bit goes a long way because it's packed with flavor and deliciousness. If you do not have a Trader Joe's in close proximity to you, you can find and purchase this Trader Joe's Soyaki sauce here. It's a little pricey at $11 per bottle, but it's a good size bottle and you can use it on so many things.

Yield/Servings: 40 Serving Size: 1 tbsp Total Cook/Prep time: 0 minutes



Where to Buy

Trader Joe's

Use it on meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables (as a sauce or marinade). I use it as a salad dressing with crunchier lettuces such as romaine or cabbage.

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